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Chilean Copper Mining Projects

We aim to consolidate our copper projects to form a major copper mining hub in Region III on the Chilean coast range. The centerpiece of our Chilean copper mining portfolio is “Cortadera,” and we believe it may be one of the most significant copper-gold discoveries of the past decade in Chile. Prior to our acquisition of Cortadera, Hot Chili’s primary focus was the development of our large-scale “Productora” copper-gold development. Productora is located at low altitude in the Chilean coastal range, and provides the company with stable revenue—with no capital expenditure—for continued exploration and expansion of reserves at Productora, and for our ambitious discovery program at Cortadera. Finally, our El Fuego copper project encompasses two historic Chile copper mines (San Antonio & Valentina). These mines were two of the highest-grade underground mines in the region. During the past 50 years, however, these sites saw little in the way of modern exploration, and the mining done at these sites was based on outdated modelling. Located just 20 kilometres from the Productora copper project, El Fuego is also in a prime location for resource sharing. Together with Cortadera and Productora, we aim to consolidate these projects and create a new copper-mining hub in the region.

Cortadera Copper Project

A world-class copper-gold porphyry discovery

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Productora Copper Project

Large-scale, advanced-stage copper development

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El Fuego Copper Project

San Antonio & Valentina – two high-grade Chile copper mines

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